From 2040, you will likely take your voice-activated AI steering wheel with you everywhere

The connected steering wheel could be the only part of the car you own in the future.

Jaguar has given us a vision of driving in 2040 with its future type concept car at its annual tech fest recently. It's not the car itself which is drawing attention, but the steering wheel inside it. Dubbed Sayer the smart AI is the heart of the wheel and advanced speech recognition, which takes the technology we currently have in the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home and makes it smarter, more responsive and reactive, and more important to our daily lives. But this isn't just a smart speaker that you talk to in your car. Jaguar wants you to take the steering wheel everywhere with you. The wheel can be removed from vehicles such as the firm's Future Type concept and taken with you, be it to sit in your home and work as a smart speaker and as a travel companion in your bag.
        Jaguar says it will also be linked to your other connected devices, including your kitchen white goods and smart home controls, and to the outside world, to keep you up to date and even perform daily and tedious(too slow) tasks without you having to ask. The Future Type concept car for 2040 is fully autonomous and the clever steering wheel may be the only part of it you own. It will essentially be the key to the car, but that car may be the key be a vehicle that is used by others in your community. With the wheel storing your personal profile, the car will adapt automatically to your needs as soon as you engage it, giving you a personalized experience even if it is being used by many different people. While the car and our automobile industry is working towards on autonomous(self-governing) future, Jaguar says its Sayer wheel will provide a traditional driving experience when required, for those who love beings behind the wheel and in control.
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