McLaren 570s Spider

McLaren gives you a new stunning 570s Spider with the roof up or down. McLaren also gives a amazing performance of the coupe with open air driving. One other amazing thing in McLaren 570s Spider is Retractable Hardtop. The lightweight Retractable hardtop takes 15 sec to vanish into the excellently crafted tonneau deck, when you're driving at up to 45km/h. McLaren 570s Spider is construct by the Carbon Fiber like the McLaren Sports Cars. Dihedral Doors are an (one more amazing thing) iconic design feature in 570s Spider. Because of doors it make easier to get in and out.


Maximum speed> 328 KPH
0-100 kph> 3.2 sec
0-200 kph> 9.6 sec
Maximum power> 570PS
Maximum Torque > 600Nm(443LBFT)
Engine capacity> 3,799CC(3.8 litre)
7-speed Gearbox
Type> V8
Technology> twin-turbo
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
200-0kph> 133M
100-0kph> 32M
CO2> 249G/KM
Power of weight> 432P/tonne
Din weight> 1,498kg
Weight distribution> F=42%, R=58%
Dry weight> 1,359kg

In McLaren 570s Spider interior is designed around you, optional audio upgrade and advanced touchscreen display.

Exterior design--
Uncompromised design of McLaren with 570s Spider Alloy Wheels lightweight and extra strong. McLaren Speedmark LED Lights, the high intensity LED headlights are fashioned in the McLaren. 52 litres Convenient Luggage Space available at the rear and another 150 litre space at the front in McLaren.


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